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NAME: Ted Faigle*

Date of Birth: 02/20/xx

Employment: 1979 - 1984 Community Service; 1984 - 1994 Giovanni's Room; 1994 - 2009 University of Pennsylvania; 2009 - 2012 Drexel University, School of Public Health, PROGRAM FOR LGBT HEALTH: Program Manager; 2012 - 2014, Drexel University, Goodwin College, Grants Analyst. 2014 - Retired.

Social/Political Groups he attends/attended: ACT UP, Queer Action, Gay & Lesbian Community Council of Philadelphia, Original Gay Pride Day Organizing Committee (Parade 90), Gay & Lesbian Community Center [Producer & Host: Gaydreams, WXPN's Gay Men's Weekly Radio Hour 1979 - 1984]. POZ Philly aka People Like US, 2013 --

[Philly aka +People Like US.]

Bars/Clubs attended: All of them. Mostly Bike Stop, Westbury and UBar/Uncles.

Married Brad Kell on Feb. 26th 2014, Camden NJ City Hall (Brad's Octogenarian Parents stood as our witnesses).


Ted & Brad 2014

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Poz forearm tattoo: 2012

IMG 3464.JPG

POZ Dispenser (patent pending -- lol). Making HIV treatment fun!

His friends include: Kirk Hoffmeier, partner/first love: 1954 - 1992 RIP. Second long-term partner Anthony Lamina 1963 - 2012 RIP. Both casualties of AIDS.


Ted & Anthony, 2006.

A Day With HIV 9/21/2013

A Day With HIV, 9/23/2013


Ted late 80s early 90s - in the middle of it all.jpg


Photo 85.jpg


Kirk with Ted on City Hall Tower Philadelphia.jpg

Kirk & Ted 1988?

QueerAction in DC c1990?.jpg

1982Ted in his mullet! days - late 70s early 80s.jpg


Photo 195.jpg

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With ACT UP occupying Betak AIDS Hospice in Mt. Airy, 1990 (up front with fist raised).

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