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NAME: Jamal Weaver

Biography: From the UNITY Calendar, 1995: Jamal Weaver was an African American gay man and one of the charter members of UNITY, Inc. He served as its first active youth member. He was the author of "Expressions of Unconditional Love and Understanding: An Anthology of An African American Gay Man". Jamal worked for several organizations with the City of Philadelphia serving to educate his brothers and sisters on HIV prevention methods and the need for all of us to be accountable for each other.

Quote: "The path of the African American gay man is not an easy one to travel. Being invisible to society's eye is hard enough on us, but being invisible to the very community from which we evolve is detrimental to the very core of who we are. It is all well to be proud of being an African American gay man, but it is important to be proud of being just African American. Our history, traditions, unfortunately our own families and communities try to strip that away from us, being seen as a weaker part of our community. If most brothers and sisters looked closely, we are as instrumental to the community as any other African American. We are the preachers, teachers, parents, employers and business owners that they deal with every day, and in most cases never notice our orientation."

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Date of Birth: 1/7/1971

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): 6/6/2003

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 32


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