Swain, Stephen Charles

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Stephen worked for two of the best French restaurants in Philadelphia. First at Maureen's and later at The Garden. I worked with Stephen at The Garden, where he was a waiter and bartender. Stephen always made it very clear to people that the restaurant business was his career and he loved it.

Stephen became ill in 1985 and returned to his parents' home in Wilmington, DE. He was the first person in Delaware to go public with his illness and was interviewed on Channel 6 News. As a result of his courage, (in 1985, hysteria was the prevalent response to AIDS), a home for persons with AIDS was named for him: the Stephen Swain House in Wilmington.

When Stephen got sick, he wouldn't let people come and see him very often. This was typical of Stephen, wanting to take care of others. I still miss him and have often had to stop and ask myself what Stephen would say about issues in my life or how I would handle certain situations. In that way, Stephen will always be right there with me.

- Victor Rash

- from the Dining Out for Life Recipes and Remembrances, 1993

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