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NAME: Bob Schoenberg*


Bob Schoenberg

Bob Schoenberg

Bob Schoenberg, the Center's Director, was hired by Penn to be a two-day a week point person for lesbian/gay students when he began work on his doctoral dissertation in Fall 1982. He was only the second person specifically hired for such responsibilities on a college or university campus. Over the years, his position increased in scope and time commitment. By 1989, he was the full-time director of a program serving University students, faculty, and staff. A few years later, the program became a center and moved from Houston Hall to 3537 Locust Walk. During 2000-02, Bob helped raise funds to provide a new home for the LGBT Center and oversaw the renovation of the Carriage House, its location since June 2002. Bob has been a community activist, volunteering and serving on the boards of several LGBT and HIV/AIDS organizations. Currently, he is on the Board of Directors of the Council for Relationships and the Community Advisory Board of the Penn Center for AIDS Research. He also teaches "Foundations of Social Work Practice" to Penn MSW students. He edited the collection Homosexuality and Social Work// (Haworth Press) and, with his counterparts at Penn State and UCLA, authored //Our Place on Campus: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Services and Programs in Higher Education, published by Greenwood Press in June 2002.

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Employment: Director, LGBT Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

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