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NAME: R. David Schmitt



R. David Schmitt, 36, an architect, died Friday of complications from AIDS at his home in Germantown.

Born in North Wales, Mr. Schmitt graduated from North Penn High School and

from Temple University with a bachelor of science in architecture.

After graduation, he worked for a time with the architectural firms C. William Fox Associates and Francis Cauffman Foley Hoffman, then spent five years in London, teaching and pursuing advanced studies. He also worked at the firm of RentonPublished on 1994-04-05, Page B06, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[SPREADS A FACELESS FEAR TO BLOOD USERS]Source: PAT McKEOWN, Daily News Staff Writer For R. David Schmitt - architect, Fairmount resident and hemophiliac - even a simple bump can bring on uncontrolled bleeding. To stem it, Schmitt injects

himself with Factor VIII, a clotting substance harvested from the blood of a thousand donors.

Schmitt used to give himself a shot ahead of time when he knew he would be involved in strenuous activity. But since hemophiliacs have been labeled a high-risk group for contracting AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome), a mysteriousPublished on 1983-06-14, Page 8, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

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