Reser, Greg

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Greg practicing life guard signals in Rehoboth Beach, 1990

NAME: Greg Reser


Date of Birth:1954

Date of Death: September 20, 1992

Age at Death: 38 years

Employment: Four Seasons Hotel, Deux Cheminees,

Social/Political Groups he attends/attended:

Bars/Clubs he attends/attended:

His friends include: Tom Moore,

Testimonials to him (add a space before a new testimonial):

I had the honor of knowing Greg for 12 years. We first met working as waiters at the original Deux Cheminees on Camac Street. At the end of a shift, he often entertained our crew with a fashion show in one of the dining rooms - featuring the latest outfit he was wearing out that evening. The odd thing was that the outfit never changed - white t-shirt, black leather pants, and black cowboy boots. Later when we worked together as banquet waiters at the Four Seasons Hotel, he would often jump up on the stage during set-up, to belt out a medley of Diana Ross songs, along with Marilyn Monroe's version of "Happy Birthday Mr. President." He was an entertainer at heart, and later a teacher by profession, where he shared his humor, passion, and knowledge to all he engaged. Tom Moore