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NAME: Jack E. Reece



PENN ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, 56 Jack E. Reece, 56, a retired associate professor of history at the University of Pennsylvania, died of a heart attack Saturday at Allegheny University Hospitals/Graduate. He lived in Center City. Mr. Reece specialized in modern European history, particularly that of France and Italy, and the implications of local and national identities in those countries. He was the author of numerous articles and a book on the subject. At the time of hisPublished on 1997-09-05, Page B06, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[Memorial Service Held for Jack E. Reece]

Students, alumni, faculty and friends remembered Professor of History Jack E. Reece at a memorial service in October. Professor Reece, a historian of modern Europe who was noted both for his teaching and his prescient research into ethnic issues within European nations, died of a heart attack in August. Retired for the past two years because of illness, he had been active on the faculty for over 25 years. In his honor, the SAS Department of History has established the Jack E. Reece Memorial Fund to benefit history graduate students. Contributions in memory of Professor Reece should be made out to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania and sent to: Jack Reece Memorial Fund, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania, 352B, 3401 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6228. For more information, call (215) 898-8452.

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Date of Birth: 1/4/1941

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): 8/30/1997

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 56

Employment: Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania

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