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NAME: Edward Myers



Source: Nancy Goldner, INQUIRER DANCE CRITIC Edward Myers, 42, a former principal dancer with the Pennsylvania Ballet, died Monday of an AIDS-related illness in Nashville, where he had been artistic director of the Nashville Ballet since 1991. Mr. Myers joined the Tennessee troupe after a long and distinguished career with the Pennsylvania Ballet. Performing with the company from 1974 until his retirement in 1988, he had the opportunity of exploring a vast repertory, ranging from the dramatic, Antony Tudor-type works of BenjaminPublished on 1993-02-04, Page D08, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[MYERS, 42] Source: Janet Anderson, Daily News Dance Critic Edward Myers, for 14 years a much admired dancer with the Pennsylvania Ballet, died Monday night at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., of an HIV-related illness. Myers, 42, had been artistic director of the Nashville Ballet since 1991 and was active until his death, overseeing thatcompany's recent production of The Nutcracker" and attending the post-production cast party. He entered the hosptial on Saturday, Jan. 30, with aPublished on 1993-02-03, Page 17, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

[DOWN THE PENNSYLVANIA BALLET'S SENIOR DANCER IS RETIRING AT AGE 37]Source: Nancy Goldner, Inquirer Dance Critic "When I hear the opening crash of the tympani, I still get a rush in my body," says Edward Myers of the Carl Orff score for Carmina Burana, the ballet he'll perform with the Pennsylvania Ballet Tuesday and Wednesday at the Mann Music Center. For 21 years, Myers has danced to Orff's passionate music; after Wednesday, he will dance to it no more. At age 37, the Pennsylvania Ballet's senior member is retiring.Published on 1987-08-02, Page G01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

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