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NAME: Richard "Ricky" Moreau*

Biography: Born in Newton, MA. Moved to Philadelphia to attend the Univ of Pennsylvania and gain some then-needed distance from his parents. Came out as a gay man freshman year. (His GPA never fully recovered :-) ) Never left Philly after putting down roots here. Lives in University City and has for most of his time in Philadelphia. Was an extra in the movie, "Philadelphia." Tested positive in 1987, lucky enough to have never had an opportunistic infection so far (2009). Participated in drug studies for Crixivan and Interferon A. Lost his then-ex lover, still-friend, Micah Seeney, to AIDS in 1995. Micah never got to see the conclusion of the OJ trial which we watched closely. Caring for Micah and losing him was the most profound experience of my life. Thankfully, Richard has not lost many others to whom he has been close.

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Date of Birth: 5/15/1964

Employment: Waiter at the Garden, the Rittenhouse Hotel, the White Dog Cafe, the Striped Bass, Social Worker for the Department of Human Services since 1997.

Social/Political Groups he attends/attended: ACT UP (briefly, years ago), ActionAIDS Buddy and Public Speaker (briefly, years ago), Co-coordinator of Lesbians and Gays at Penn from 1983-84. Co-coordinator of University City Pride in the early '00's. DHS' first Liaison to LGBT Communities from 2006-07 (and maybe the first in the nation to hold such a position within a child welfare agency.) Foyer of Philadelphia Board Member currently.

Bars/Clubs he attends/attended: Kurts (where he met Micah), Woody's. Was for several years a Sunday night regular at both.

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