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I got to know Rob in 1978, when he worked part-time as a waiter, maitre d' at the Black Banana. He also, at that time, taught at the Restaurant School. He was vitally and passionately involved in the restaurant business. He opened a diner in Center City; not a reverse-chic, conceptually reinvented diner. The Deluxe Diner had glazed donuts, breakfast served anytime, and Nice Mary, the waitress. Later, when partnership problems forced Rob out of the Diner, he devoted more of his time to the role for which most of us remember him best: Center City restaurant man-about-town.

As a waiter, cook, teacher, proprietor and customer, Rob knew and enriched virtually everyone in the restaurant scene of the 1970s He is missed.

- Royer Smith

- from Philadelphia Stories: A Dining Out for Life Cookbook, 1993

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