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Name of Bar/Club: Maxine's

Location: 243 So. Camac Street, Philadelphia PA 19107

Period in existence: 1936 to 1979, a speakeasy before that

Philadelphians who spent time at this bar or club:

[Leroy F. Aaron's obituary]


Aarons' first brush with gay life was visiting a bar called

Maxine's in Philadelphia while on leave from the Navy in 1955.

"I walked in and it was like Dorothy coming from sepia-tone

Kansas to the Land of Oz, all of a sudden it was Technicolor,"

recalled Aarons in the October interview. "There were these

gorgeous men. In those days, everyone went out in jackets and ties.

There was a piano bar and a guy singing show tunes and I thought,

'Oh my God, there are other people, not just me!' And that started

me off. I was a gay in the military."