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above: Mark Siegel (l.) and Harry Langhorne (r.) 1972


From the Philadelphia City Paper, 5/2001:

On a more somber note, Mark Segal is suffering the loss of his longtime friend Harry Langhorne, who died of complications of liver failure last Saturday in Virginia. He was 53. Langhorne lived in Philadelphia and had worked for the city’s Criminal Justice Unit, an arm of the Managing Director’s Office, since 1987. He was also the former president of the Gay Activist Alliance of Philadelphia and a member of the Gay Raiders.

From PGN:

Langhorne was an early local LGBT activist who was key in the passage of the city’s 1982 LGBT-rights ordinance, helped establish the governor’s Council on Sexual Minorities and successfully pressed for an executive order banning LGBT discrimination in state government.

Harry's papers are at Cornell University: [are at this link.]

A 1996 interview with Harry by Marc Stein is here:


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