Geddes, Mikal

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NAME: Mikal Geddes

Biography: Geddes was an activist who worked for the provision of condoms in the Philadelphia city prisons. The articles below detail his involvement. The final article is about life with his dog Tulip.

This is a letter to the editor from Geddes:

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Date of Birth: 7/29/1955

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): 8/1/1995

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 40


Social/Political Groups he attends/attended:

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His friends included: Ed Greenlee, Dan Johnson

Testimonials to him (add a space before a new testimonial):

Also known as Michael Sean Tibet Geddes, he was an authentic hippie kind of guy, tall, and nicely built, he walked around with his beloved basset hound Tulip. Michael was an old friend of Harry Allen Reid, and Harry Reid introduced him to me(Michael J Robinson). They were friends for years before. He was a sweet and kind guy, who struggled to stay alive and continue his writing poetry. I have one copy of a collection of his work. Michael and I went to Atlantic City with Tulip the dog, for his last vacation, and we stayed in a motel outside of town- it rained and rained, and we ended up at home in Philly, early and frustrated. It was my understanding that he may have been responsible for torching(arson) the Mastbaum Theatre, and was sent to jail in New Jersy for a period. His claim to fame was that he personally brought his activism to the New Jersey prison system and managed to get condom distribution into place before he was released.