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NAME: Don Ellerman, Ph D

[DONALD ELLERMAN, BATTLED AIDS]Source: Jim Nicholson, Daily News Staff Writer Services were held Saturday for Donald Ralph Ellerman, who died Thursday after a more than three-year battle against AIDS. He was 41 and lived in West Philadelphia. Ellerman had been a student of urban planning and transportation at the University of Pennsylvania when he learned he had AIDS in 1987. About a year and a half ago, he lost his sight. But not his spirit. Last October, he participated in AIDS Walks 1990 with some 3,000 others

from 20 organizations trying to raisePublished on 1991-02-04, Page 18, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

[ANGELS AT THE DOOR]Source: Sandy Bauers, Inquirer Staff Writer For Donald Ellerman, 1987 had been a good year. A student of urban planning and transportation at the University of Pennsylvania, he had just finished his doctoral dissertation. And that, he said, "was the last major thing I did." A couple of weeks later, Ellerman was diagnosed as having AIDS. He had entered the hospital for a routine procedure - and had stayed two months, battling pneumonia and heart problems. Today, Ellerman, 40, has lost his sight toPublished on 1990-11-13, Page C01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[HE HIKES FOR HIS LIFE THIS TIME]Source: Larry Copeland, Inquirer Staff Writer For Donald Ellerman, who was robbed of his sight by AIDS nine months ago, yesterday's AIDS Walk 1990 was an eagerly anticipated respite from a world of darkness. For the first time in a long time, the one-time hiker could enjoy walking without worrying about obstacles, thanks to several friends who took turns guiding him. Clutching Dave Morris' elbow with one hand and a red-tipped cane with the other, Ellerman basked in the sound of children'sPublished on 1990-10-29, Page A01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[AIDS PATIENTS OPT FOR POVERTY PAYING HEAVY PRICE TO QUALIFY FOR MEDICAID]Source: Loretta Tofani, Inquirer Staff Writer When Donald Ellerman, 39, completed his doctorate at the University of Pennsylvania two years ago, he hoped to land a $40,000-a-year job as a city planner, move into a larger apartment and buy new furniture. Then Ellerman was hospitalized with AIDS. His student health insurance covered less than half of his $80,000 hospital bill. But that policy was canceled because his bills exceeded the insurance company's limit. Sick, in debt and without insurance, Ellerman'sPublished on 1989-12-26, Page A01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


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