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NAME: Dan Johnson


I'm an "import" from Wisconsin. Having been discharged from the Navy for being homosexual in 1976, I came to Philly to stay a couple of years. Came out in March 1977, lived in South Philly and then moved to Center City where I have lived ever since. I graduated from Temple University in 1981 with a major in Religion. I then worked at MCP for a few years as a secretary, and then went to Lutheran Theological Seminary where I graduated with a Masters Degree in Practical Theology in 1986. After some lively discussions with Jim Hymes, who worked for the Philadelphia Department of Health educating addictions professionals about HTLV-III/AIDS (remember?) at the time, and was later named the first Director of the then newly formed AIDS Activities Coordinating Office, I began working with addicts both for the prevention of AIDS, and then treatment of individuals diagnosed with the disease. My entire professional life revolved around HIV education, and advocacy, care and treatment of People with HIV/AIDS. As of May 2009, I've started to work as a Storyteller, looking for ways to explore questions of deep meaning with others in the gay and connected communities.

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Date of Birth: May 1954


Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, 1975-76.

Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1981-84.

The Consortium, 1986-1989. Along with work as a drug and alcohol (D&A) therapist, provided D&A evaluations for persons with HIV/AIDS requesting housing with the new Philadelphia AIDS office. Also started the first HIV testing program at that agency.

Gaudenzia House, 1989-1991. Was the first Clinical Supervisor of the then "Philadelphia II" residential program for people with HIV/AIDS, now called "People With Hope". Also provided training in the HIV/AIDS and D&A specialty throughout the Philadelphia area.

City of Philadelphia, Health Department. Including approximately a year with the HIV testing site at Broad & Lombard (now part of Health Center #1 functions), Social Worker at Health Center #3 located at 42nd St. & Chester Ave., and Public Health Program Analyst for the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office for approximately 16 years.

Retired from the City in May 2009 to pursue Storytelling and Ritual as a means of self-discovery, wholeness, and healing in the gay community.

Social/Political Groups he attended/attends:

ACT UP/Queer Nation

Starting in January 2010: Member, Philadelphia Gay Men's Chorus

Bars/Clubs I attend/attended:

My favorite bars are all gone: 2nd Story (fondly remember the Anita Bryant roast!), 247, Kurts (ah, the dance floor!), Allegro (the Kimmel Center fell on it during a storm!).

My friends include and included:

Ed Greenlee, Jeffrey Jenne, Chris Chu, Mikal Geddes (deceased), Bill Dean (deceased), Fr. John Gramley (deceased),

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