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NAME: Lloyd Hal Carter


File:PGN Article, January 5-11, 1996.pdf

From the Unity Calendar, 1994: L. Hal Carter was actively involved in the African-American Gay and Lesbian Social Movement over the past decade. Hal was the co-founder of Umoja (Unity) of Norfolk, VA and African American Lesbian and Gay Alliance (AALGA) of Atlanta, Georgia. Hal was a licensed massage therapist. Along with his partner Kevin Greene, Hal co-created Rootworks, a transformative, participatory workshop experience. Hal was also employed by UNITY, Inc. as an HIV/AIDS Youth Risk Reduction Coordinator.

Quote: "We were already a people in crisis as African-Americans before the epidemic in need of self-healing, affirmation, definition and recognition. In this crisis, if you don't think living with HIV/AIDS is a possibility, our actions will reflect a lack of hope and we will not be open to learning things that could help preserve our health. The medical community may not have all the answers."

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Date of Birth: 10/24/1956

Date of Death: 12/27/1995

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 39


Unity, Inc.

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