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NAME: Eamonn Luke Beckett



Source: Michael Sokolove, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER

Eamon Luke Beckett, 33, an architect who transformed the Arch Street offices of the organization ActionAIDS, died Thursday of complicatons from AIDS.

Mr. Beckett, an interior architect, went to work for Diversified Interior Design after arriving in Philadelphia in 1981. Not long after he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, he left his job and devoted himself to improving the lives of others afflicted with the disease. The design of the ActionAIDS office was part of that effort.

Published on 1992-11-02, Page F11, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

Eamon Luke Beckett, an architect who enlivened the offices of a Philadelphia-based AIDS organization, died Thursday of AIDS. Beckett, an interior architect, was diagnosed with AIDS in 1986, and subsequently devoted himself to improving the lives of others affected by the disease. He used his architectural talents to transform the Arch Street offices of the organization ActionAIDS, which was part of that effort. Rev. James H. Littrell, executive director of the Philadelphia AIDS Consortium, said, "Luke's point of view was that people with AIDS deserved to have a place that was decent to come to, that was theirs." ActionAIDS provides case management for AIDS patients and arranges for such things as homemaking services and companionship. The offices at the Arch Street location began as inornate commercial space. The design project was funded by businesses and individuals who contributed furnishings and materials. Beckett was involved in soliciting the donations. Littrell said that there was opposition from some people who felt that the ActionAIDS offices should somehow be unattractive. He added that they may not have known that the materials were donated, but even if the organization had funded the project, Beckett would have considered the money well spent.

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