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NAME: John C. Anderson

John C. Anderson (l) with Jeff Britton of the Walt Whitman Democratic Club

City Councilman John C. Anderson was a member of Philadelphia City Council from 1979 to 1983, and was instrumental to the passage of Philadelphia's civil rights bill for sexual minority people. The John C. Anderson Cultural Center in Overbrook is named after him. He was a mentor to City of Philadelphia Mayor Michael C. Nutter.

[John C. Anderson Manuscript Collection at Temple University can be reviewed here.]

Obituaries and Remembrances:


Source: Burr Van Atta, Inquirer Staff Writer City Councilman John C. Anderson, 41, died yesterday at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Daroff Division, in South Philadelphia. Death came after three weeks of treatment for a respiratory problem. His doctors said he had been under treatment for sarcoidosis, a disease whose presence is characterized by lesions, often widespread, accompanied by inflammation. Friends and associates said that Anderson had remained confident to the end that he would overcome the disease and return to hisPublished on 1983-10-04, Page A01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[JOHN ANDERSON, 41 DIES]Source: JOE CLARK and BOB WARNER, Daily News Staff Writers Councilman John C. Anderson, 41, died at 5:20 this morning at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Mount Sinai-Daroff Division. Anderson had been admitted to the hospital a week ago suffering from sarcoidosis, a rare respiratory ailment characterized by the formation of nodules in the lungs. He had been suffering from the condition for several months, aides said at the time. After being admitted to the hospital, Anderson was placed in the intensive care unit because of a risk of infection.Published on 1983-10-03, Page 5, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)


John Anderson's death at 41 deprives Philadelphia of one of our outstanding younger political figures, a man whose first term in City Council showed him to be as remarkably talented a legislator as he had been as an attorney. He was bright and thoughtful and a large part of the reason that Philadelphia City Council has rebounded from its bad old days as a national laughingstock to a working, effective legislative body. His creativity and progressive thinking led toPublished on 1983-10-04, Page 27, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

Mayor Michael Nutter's memories of Councilman Anderson:

Mayor Michael Nutter's <This I Believe> featured his thoughts on Councilman Anderson:

[here to hear Mayor Nutter.]


Source: Acel Moore, Associate Editor of The Inquirer

Councilman John C. Anderson's death at age 41 shocked and saddened me as it has many in the city. Anderson was a bright and intelligent lawyer and a politician whose professional life, as I knew it, was characterized by enthusiastic and energetic support of causes.I also had much the same feelings recently over the deaths of two other men: Community leader and businessman John Bowser and TV weatherman Jim O'Brien. All three were young men, in the prime of

Published on 1983-10-06, Page A23, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


Source: Joe Logan, Inquirer Staff Writer

Thursday, the City of Philadelphia mourned John C. Anderson's death. Yesterday, family and friends celebrated the city councilman's life. "Some of you may have been taken aback when the rector said this should be a joyous occasion," said Anderson's brother, Episcopal Bishop Jesse Anderson Jr. "But I want us to do that, to celebrate a life rather than mourn a death. This is a graduation, a bon voyage party; he

Published on 1983-10-08, Page B01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


It has been said that "old men go to death but death comes to young men." Philadelphia City Councilman John C. Anderson's life and his death Monday at age 41 give meaning to that. Though many of his close friends and colleagues were aware that Mr. Anderson was gravely ill, probably losing his latest bout with a chronic respiratory ailment, his death came as a sudden shock. Many thought he would bounce back as he had over the past year after stays

Published on 1983-10-05, Page A14, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


Source: KIT KONOLIGE, Daily News Staff Writer

The Rev. Jesse Anderson urged mourners yesterday to remember his brother, the late City Councilman John Anderson, by emulating his "call to serve and not to worry about the cautions." Anderson died Monday at the age of 41. Hundreds of people, including much of the city's political leadership, attended his funeral at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in West Philadelphia.The Rev. Anderson used the occasion of his brother's death as a

Published on 1983-10-08, Page 24, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)


Source: Jane Eisner, Inquirer Staff Writer

There were songs of the spirit yesterday for Councilman John C. Anderson, words of praise, tears of grief and simple, loving remembrances. But most of all, as the councilman's friends and colleagues gathered for a memorial tribute to him, there was a sense of calm. It is not a sense often found in the noisy, sometimes turbulent City Council chambers on the fourth floor of City Hall. It is not a sense that necessarily characterized Anderson, 41, a dynamic, tenacious,

Published on 1983-10-07, Page B01, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


Source: KIT KONOLIGE, Daily News Staff Writer

The late John C. Anderson visited Israel early in 1981 with his friend and fellow City Councilman, John White Jr. Throughout most of the tour of the region's shrines, Anderson was his usual hilariously quick-witted self. Then at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Anderson suddenly turned serious. He prayed out loud," White recalled. "He asked that God grant him strength to see his dreams fulfilled. It struck me because here

Published on 1983-10-04, Page 5, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

[Anderson's mother Elizabeth Anderson Monteiro's obituary is here.]

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