Alvarez, Jose A.

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NAME: Jose A. Alvarez

Jose Alvarez

For full Jose Alvarez obituary, click on PDF link below. (courtesy of Hal Tarr.)

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Source: Andy Wallace, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Jose A. Alvarez, 34, of Northeast Philadelphia, a social worker praised for bringing AIDS programs to Philadelphia's Latino community and admired for giving - as he sometimes did - the shirt off his back, died Thursday of complications of AIDS at Frankford Hospital. "Jose Alvarez was one of the first Latinos in Philadelphia to recognize the problem that AIDS posed to the Latino community, and to do something about it," said Alba Martinez, executivePublished on 1995-08-05, Page A10, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


Date of Birth: 12/28/1960

Date of Death: 8/3/1995

Age at Death: 34


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