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NAME: Irv Silverman



Source: Marie McCullough, INQUIRER STAFF WRITER Irving Silverman, who filed an AIDS discrimination lawsuit in August against the 12th Street Gym, died of AIDS Saturday at St. Agnes Medical Center in South Philadelphia.

Mr. Silverman, 35, was taken to the hospital after collapsing at the South Philadephia home he shared with his sister Kim.

"He was a hell of a guy, and he's going to be missed," Kim Silverman said yesterday.

Mr. Silverman's sister and his lawyer, Ronda B. Goldfein ofPublished on 1994-12-12, Page B04, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)


"Gym to Pay $35,000 to AIDS Victim's Estate"

Philadelphia Inquirer (02/01/95) P. B4; Vedantam, Shankar

    Center City's 12th Street Gym has agreed to pay $35,000 to the

estate of Irving Silverman, who had sued the gym for AIDS

discrimination. Silverman's sister, however, said what she

wanted most of all was an apology. "I resent the fact that they

ultimately used us as a PR campaign," she said on Tuesday.

Silverman, who died of AIDS on Dec. 10 at age 35, claimed that

the gym's owner, Robert Guzzardi, had thrown him out of the gym

last March 7. Silverman had asked for a Band-Aid at the front

desk after he cut his finger. According to Silverman, Guzzardi

said, "We don't want your kind in here. You're careless. You

could infect everybody." As part of the settlement, the gym

accepted no liability for the incident. The gym announced on

Tuesday that it is implementing a model training program for its

staff. Managing partner Rick Piper added that the gym is also

instituting a policy for "handling hazardous body wastes, where

they could potentially pose a risk."


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