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NAME: John Kelly

Biography: A wonderful character, John "Camille" Kelly was a regular volunteer at the AIDS Library of Philadelphia.

[AIDS quilt is here.]

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Date of Birth: 5/22/1959

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): 9/19/1992

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 33

Employment: John worked as a bartender and cook at the legendary Woody's.

Social/Political Groups he attends/attended: John was bilinguial (English and Spanish) and he reached out to the Spanish community to provide AIDS education. He was very involved with Temple University and DARE. Dignity/Philadelphia

Bars/Clubs he attends/attended: John was a recovering alcohilic who nonetheless continued to visit friends in social settings.

His friends include: (type your name here, or names of others) Brian Fagan, Fred Brown

Testimonials to him (add a space before a new testimonial): John was instrumental in building up the AIDS Information Center (aka AIDS library), now maintained by FIGHT. The room containing the archives is dedicated to his memory. His name is included among those on the NAMES project quilt that memorialized all of the fallen who worked at Woody's. Celebrated Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Steve Lopez wrote several columns about John's courage in the face of death.