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NAME: Keith Kamm

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Barbara Gittings (left) with Keith Kamm (right) Photo by Kay Lahusen.

Biography: Well known gay librarian who worked on library advocacy issues with Barbara Gittings.

Keith and John Cunningham were graduate students together at the Univ. of Pittsburgh Library School in 1971-2 and he came to Philadelphia afterward and worked at the Atheneum on Washington Square as a cataloger. He was an early volunteer at the AIDS Library and along with Philip Smith, from the Free Library of Philadelphia, developed the cataloging and filing system we used. His partner was Rick who survived him and the two participated in sero discordant studies. Keith was an early book reviewer of gay books and had a column called HQ76 or whatever the LC designation was for gay studies at the time; the Gay News carried the reviews, but I think a Pittsburgh paper did also.

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Keith Kamm (center) as a student at Haverford College c. 1971


From the April, 1977 Social Responsibilities Round Table Newsletter of the ALA:

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The Athenaeum embraces technology...bibliographer Keith Kamm inputs cataloging data into an OCLC terminal in 1979.

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Date of Birth: 3/19/47

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): 10/15/93

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 46


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