Brown, Glenn

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NAME: Glenn Brown

From the 12/31/04 //Washington Blade

Biography: Glenn Brown, an HIV/AIDS activist and former Washington DC resident, and the grandson of civil rights leader Charles Melton, died of a heart attack in San Francisco. He was 40. Born in Avondale, PA in 1963, Brown moved to DC in 1997, where he worked at the Austin Center at Whitman Walker Clinic. He organized the Tom White lecture series.

Meanwhile, ACT UP/Philadelphia is distibuting a consensus letter aimed at encouraging Hoffman-LaRoche to "follow through on their extremely overdue promise" to inform those who received free viral load tests last summer of the results of the tests."

The letter also asks that the coupons which Roche has promised for two additional tests -- offered after earlier complaints at the delay in distributing the results of the summer testing -- be

distributed immediately, rather than according to the company's current plan to distribute them piecemeal between now and March, 1997.

Some of those who took the original tests "followed Roche's guidelines of initiating new therapies right after they got tested and, with Roche's present intentions, may not know whether their treatments are working for up to 10 months!" said Glenn Brown, an ACT UP member.

The ACT UP letter also demands that Roche reduce their prices and sponsor education programs for people relying on the viral load testing program. "They need to make a special effort in educating women living with HIV/AIDS and people responsible for the care of HIV+ kids, people who were blatantly not a big focus in last summer's access program," Brown said.

A copy of the consensus letter can be accessed by e-mailing Brown at [[1]], or by calling ACT UP at 215-731-1844.

A friend Anne Clements described Brown as a kind and vibrant person. “Glenn was an unforgettable, gentle human being who lived outloud,” she said.Brown’s interests included the outdoors,dancing, bicycling, listening to Ella Fitzgerald, and spending time with his family. In addition to Whitman-Walker, he was involved in Philadelphia FIGHT, ACT-UP/Philadelphia and the Options Project in San Francisco, where he moved in1999. Brown is survived by hisparents, three sisters, five brothers, 22 nieces and nephews, and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins. His memorial service took place in San Francisco. Donations in Brown’s name may be made to ACT-UP/Philadelphia, P.O.Box 22439, Philadelphia, PA 19110.

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Date of Birth: 9/1/1963

Date of Death: 7/9/2004

Age at Death: 40


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His friends include: (type your name here, or names of others) Bill Heinzen, Beth Vanderhoofven

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My mom has always told stories of him and he taught me many life lessons like if you wear 2 pairs of panty hose you don't have to shave your legs and shoulder pads make great "enhancers"! My mom Beth Vanderhoofven was his co-worker and friend at Temple University Hospital and she says he could brighten up any room. She says he always "tried to freak the southern girl out" bringing pictures of his vacations on the nude beaches into the office. I was in my mom's tummy and she says he used to take great care of me but unfortunately i never got to meet him. RIP Glenn... we love and miss you!