Bascue, Keith

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Keith Bascue


I knew Keith as a great friend, and a roommate, when we shared an apartment, at 206 South 13th Street, just several doors down from Woody's Bar.

We had met back in late spring, 1978, and Keith had just separated from his partner Clint Foxwell. Clint had moved to the west side of center city somewhere down, around 19th street. Keith needed some help with the rent, and I hated living alone, in an apartment, at the corner of 13th & Spruce. So I made the move to Keith's. At this time, Keith was working for Strawbridge and Clothier in Center City. Between our lives, of working both in the retail industry, and the running around and partying with our many friends, we somehow found great time to hang out together. Keith had never been to Washington Crossings State Park, so one day we took off to the area and spent the day exploring and getting to know one another. I found Keith to be a very caring friend, and a great listener.

I can sit here and write down many details of our fun times together, but in the interest of time and taking up more server space, I have to say this. Keith Bascue had a LOVING heart and CARED about everyone he knew. He was one of the few that could listen to how bad of day, I just had, and turn it around and make me realize that there was more to life and this day, and just let it flow off. He helped me to realize that tomorrow was coming and it was going to get better.

Over time, we went our separate ways and I lost track of you, Keith, but you have left an impression in my heart and your values of caring for others will always be with me.

I was very shocked to hear of your passing, when I spoke to Lauren, but I know that you have gone on to a better life, with Clint, and you will always be on my thoughts and prays.

- Lee Smith-Robida; New Port Richey FL

Date of Birth: 1/19/1950

Date of Death: 8/18/2004

Age at Death: 54


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