Ball, Elmer M. Skeets Jr.

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NAME: Elmer M. "Skeets" Ball, Jr.



Source: Donna St. George, Inquirer Staff Writer Elmer M. "Skeets" Ball Jr., 52, a dancer, choreographer, teacher and costumer who devoted himself to the dance world, died Nov. 27 at his home in the Rittenhouse Square area of Center City. During a career of more than three decades, Mr. Ball danced with a variety of ballet and contemporary companies in the United States and abroad, crossing the equator four times and dancing for the queen of England. Reared in West Philadelphia, Mr. Ball graduated from WestPublished on 1988-12-06, Page B18, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

[BALL, NOTED CHOREOGRAPHER]Source: Jim Nicholson, Daily News Staff Writer Elmer M. "Skeets" Ball Jr., internationally known dancer, dance instructor, choreographer and costume designer, died Nov. 29. He was 52 and lived in Center City. Ball, who spent much of the 1960s in Paris under the professional name of Matthew Cameron, was better known to dance patrons in Europe than in his hometown. He was a member of a troupe that performed for the Queen of England, and he did extensive work for Australian and Swedish television and for ItalianPublished on 1988-12-06, Page 18, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

[REMEMBER ELMER BALL]Source: Joanne Sills, Daily News Staff Writer The dance was about cocaine addiction, a struggle, a war within a soul. Performer David Shannon Knox leaped, balled himself into knots, primped, strutted, beat himself, to depict with his art that fatal struggle. The dance and dancer are both products of Elmer M. Ball Jr., or "Skeets," as he was widely known. Ball was a dancer, choreographer and teacher who instilled pride in scores of young men, took them off the streets, and got them to dance ballet. HePublished on 1988-12-09, Page 93, Philadelphia Daily News (PA)

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Date of Death: 11/29/1988

Age at Death: 52


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"Skeets" as I knew him was an exceptional talent! He was an ammazing teacher, artist and historian. I worked and trained with him as a dancer and was so blown away by his untimely death as were others who were working with him at the time. His dancing spirit lives on! Michel Hinson