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NAME: Temple Minner


[J. MINNER, 38]

Source: Ralph Cipriano, Inquirer Staff Writer Temple J. Minner was an AIDS activist who haunted the City Council chambers at budget time every year. Sometimes he dressed in a suit and tie, sometimes he donned a monk's robe and pancaked his face a ghoulish, chalky white.

When he buttonholed city officials, Mr. Minner was loud and seldom polite. He also didn't worry about the consequences of his outbursts.

"He was scathingly honest," recalled Anna Forbes, a spokeswoman for thePublished on 1990-11-24, Page D09, Philadelphia Inquirer, The (PA)

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Date of Birth: 1/19/1952

Date of Death: 11/15/1990

Age at Death: 38


Social/Political Groups: We the People

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