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NAME: Jason Van Johnson


File:PGN Article, October 4-10, 1996.pdf

(Fromthe 1995 Unity Incorporated Calendar): "Jason VanJohnson, professionally known as "Diana", is a professional female impersonator and the host of the only weely female impersonator show in Philadelphia. He has been in this aspect of the entertainment industry for three years and has worked in some of the best night clubs across the country, from Las Vegas to Atlantic City. Jason has also performed, planned and/or hosted for a number of shows to benefit various AIDS Service Organizaations."

Quote from Jason "Life is far too short to let one's dreams go unfulfilled and if you don't follow your dreams you'll never know what's on the other side of the rainbow awaiting there for you."

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Date of Birth:

Date of Death (delete if non-applicable): September 25, 1996

Age at Death (delete if non-applicable): 26

Employment: Hairdresser and female impersonator

Social/Political Groups he attends/attended: Unity Inc.

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